Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So where to begin...

I thought this would be an interesting way for my self to verbalize the ups an downs of this Uth driven life style and maybe at the same time, help someone else out there not feel like they are in this boat alone. First of all, we chose the name "Uth" instead of "youth" because it helped us create something unique for them and gave them a sense of ownership over a title that is already well established and already has ALOT of baggage carried with it. Now that I got that disclaimer out of the way... I will start with a "quick" how we fell into this role.

We ended up getting custody of our 12 year old nephew and decided that it was time to start getting more involved in church and being a better example. Through that process, we noticed a lack of helpers in the youth ministry and decided to start and help out when we could. After a few months, the main leader left her position to start her family and her right hand man ended up moving away. There we were! Just My wife and I, sitting alone in this daunting dilemma. Do we say sorry and just let the 5 (or so) teens dissolve into the church body or do we step up to the plate. We decided to take the reins and were lucky enough to have the associate pastor lead with us for a little while through the transition. He helped out for about a year, as we established relationships, and got licensed as youth pastors.

Now that you have the background, get ready for the stories and venting to come. We have been at this a little over 2 years and now have 30-40 teens. It has been a roller coaster of a ride!

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