Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Transition

 Let me tell you about hard... We transitioned into the new leadership role in the Uth group and it was a test of faithfulness. They absolutely hated us. In their eyes, we were the reason that things were changing. No matter what we did to try and connect, they rejected us over and over. This was devastating to my wife. She already has issues connecting with women let alone teenager girls. Even the former Uth leader would tell them to give us a chance and we are only trying to help, but it was no use.

  At this point I figured how can it get worse so lets change the things that aren't working, because they are already upset with us. Some say this is a dumb move, some say this was a brave move. I say a brave dumb man is like a bull in a china shop. So we started. We dropped the name "Core" as the Uth group name and my wife came up with Uth. The idea was core sound like a select few (which the youth group was) and we wanted something that invited everyone in. Uth stood for, U connect to God, U connect to the world, U connect to each other. This went over like a ton of bricks. They said I hate it and through teenager temper tantrums.

  Over the couple of weeks we started to see something amazing happening. Teens that had been going to the church, who never felt involved in it before started to come to service. My nephew started to bring new kids from school. We started a slow growth. I think something happen in the "ORIGINALS" hearts because they started to see that we will no longer be inward focused but we will focus on bringing the world in.

  So then we decided, lets shake it up again and see what happens. I know what your thinking. Are you a gluten for punishment? Maybe I am... Maybe I am...

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